Ready, Set, Mint Julep!

Mint Julep
Another plug for some farm fresh herbs from Local Farms First!

It just happens to be Kentucky Derby weekend and American taste buds everywhere are hankering for…Mint Juleps!

The first known mention of the Mint Julep is in 1803 in a British book: “a dram of spirituous liquor that has mint steeped in it, taken by Virginians of a morning.” So, basically the minty-fresh Virginian alternative to the Bloody Mary (and a boon rather than a burden to your breath).

But the MJ is thought to predate that, originating in the 18th century somewhere in the South. The modern-day version typically consists of a mix of Kentucky bourbon, water, mint and sugar.

And for those of you who are hazy on the term “julep,” it’s a “sweet flavored drink made from a sugar syrup, sometimes containing alcohol or medication” and hails from Persian words meaning “rose” and “water.”

The MJ became a Kentucky Derby specialty in 1938 and now about 120,000 are served annually.

If you’re now motivated to prepare this historically significant drink, order up some fresh peppermint from the Market!

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